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Feb 28, 2021

Gafni complains about anti-Haredi selections

Had I not already posted a qotd today, MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) would have won it. 

Regarding the reports of police selectively allowing non-Haredim continue on their way to Jerusalem while stopping Harehdim and turning them away (whether true or not  I do not know, but these are the reports) sight of seeing hundreds or thousands of people walking to Jerusalem due to the road closures, Gafni said "the selection being done at the entrance to Jerusalem between Haredim and Chilonim will bear an expensive cost to the people in government making the decisions."

I would point out that Gafni and his peers have all, once again, signed loyalty commitments to Netanyahu and the Likud for the upcoming elections, and they have stayed fiercely loyal to Netanyahu all along. That is a perfectly fine political decision, but it makes me wonder what he is talking about when he says things like this will cost them dearly. They regularly complain about the government decisions that they perceive to be skewed against the Haredim, yet still remain completely loyal to Netanyahu. And then you can wonder about the fact that they themselves are senior members in the government making these decisions, meaning they are part of the decision-making process as well, yet complain about the decisions.

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