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Feb 18, 2021

the Reform kiddush in Mea Shearim

Remember this video from a couple of weeks ago that had some Yerushalmim singing and having a kiddush in shul, depicting the scenes of a shul? It was a really well done production.

It turns out that some people are upset about this, and even tried to disrupt the filming of the video when it was being produced.

I saw some grumbling online about it being a desecration of a shul and minor kvetching like that. I sort of see the point, but so many shuls have a kiddush in the main sanctuary, and halachically it is not difficult to find a justification or allowance for that, that this did not bother me and I did not see it as a serious issue.

A short while ago pashkevilim went up in Haredi areas condemning the Kiddush video.

The pashkevil condemns the video and its producers calling them leitzim, scorners, making fun of holy Jewish minhagim of a kiddush, a shalom zachar and the birth of a daughter, and even dressed in the garb fo Yerushalmim with the shtreimels, caftans, etc and even had some real ones participate as well. It notes the inappropriate level of consumption of alcohol and meat and wine while singing Shabbos songs - and they look like the Reform who sang in shul and did things of pleasure.... They call this an unprecedented bizayon and desecration of the holiness of Shabbos. 

All that is nothing compared to the main complaint which is in larger bold letters. They complain about the serious prohibition of producing even "kosher" movies and videos because of what it leads to...

They say they brought the producer before the beis din and warned him about this and he promised he would not spread his merchandise, but now has not kept to his word.

They put out their call with a last chance, though I am not sure what they want him to do or not do. It is not clear to me what they expect, but they say especially during such a difficult time when we need mercy from Hashem he should not take upon himself this responsibility for such actions that just make things worse.

It even made the news the other day.. see the video here

I was surprised to see that even during the production they tried to stop it and tried to invade the shul in Mea Shearim to put an end to it. I wonder how they were able to keep going despite the efforts of a mob like that. 

I particularly appreciate the comment that these people must have never seen Reform people or a Reform shul if they said that the images in the video look like the Reform... The Reform never had a kiddush like this, besides for the singing.

The guy interviewed in the news show called it authentic and real. I don't like that so much. I think we tend to think any scene of an activity performed by a Yerushalmi is "authentic". Personally I have never seen a shul like this where the davening and the kiddush lead one into another and intermingle like that. Normally davening finishes and the people go to the kiddush room. Even if the kiddush must be in the sanctuary itself, they finish davening and set up the kiddush. The singing as well is not normally the way they sing in a Yerushalmi shul. This is a production, not an authentic scene of davening and enjoying comradery at a kiddush. Even the amount and style of the singing at the kiddush is done well beyond the norm. This is not to say that such a shul, such a scene, does not exist in real life, but this is not the norm or the authentic shul experience.

Anyway, my point was going to be that you can find something to complain about no matter what. A clip of a scene inside a shul of frum people singing and having kiddush has been turned into the worst thing, the greatest frum accusation calling someone Reform....

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