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Feb 15, 2021

pizza4vaccines in Tel Aviv

Channel 12 News is reporting that after the successful campaign by the City of Bnei Braq to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations by giving out packages of cholent and arbis, the City of Tel Aviv is taking its example.

The City of Tel Aviv is operating a mobile unit to drive around the city and vaccinate people at different locations. As incentive, they will be giving out pizza, coffee, cnafe, and chumus.

Ki MeTzion Teitzei Torah.

If it works, it works. Can't argue with results.

As stated elsewhere, I doubt this cholent or pizza would convince someone who is anti. However, there are plenty of people who are either waiting and not rushing into it or just not sure or just too lazy or busy or bother going to get it. For these people, a little incentive goes a long way. Also, this creates somewhat of a celebratory and party-like atmosphere and plays on people's FOMO.

And us freiers who got it too early got nothing for it (except avoiding quarantines for longer)


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  1. אנו אוכלים והם אוכלים. אנו אוכלים חמין ומקבלים חיסון, והם אוכלים פיצה ומקבלים חיסון.

  2. "And us freiers who got it too early got nothing for it"

    You have gone native. An American would say, Thank God I got it early and was protected.

    1. as I've said before, we should have a political party called "HaFreierim"


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