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Feb 21, 2021

he can't be part of the coalition or mincha

This is pretty funny. Times of Israel is reporting that the Haredi MKs, from both Shas and UTJ, are writing off the Labor party as future coalition partners. 


Because the fourth slot in the Labor list for Knesset is a Reform rabbi, Rabbi Gilad Kariv. 

That's not the funny part of this though. 

The funny part is that they said not only will they not sit with him in a coalition, but they also won't count him for a minyan in the Knesset shul. They said they won't throw him out of the shul (would they even be able to if they wanted to?) but they will make sure they have ten men, a minyan, without him, and he can be the 11th and on.

So, no coalition with the Haredi MKs and no mincha either.

Haredim not counting the Reform as part of a minyan is nothing new, so this isn't surprising, but it is cute how they linked the two.

More coming, in the next post, on the coalition issue.

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  1. There is a story told about the Beis ha Levi. There was a certain maskil who had gone far off the derech, so the Beis ha Levi ruled he should not be counted for a minyan.

    Said maskil came to complain, and pointed out that the ketores had the chelbenah as one of its elements. That is a foul smelling spice, and Chazal state that such is a remez that any gathering for tefillah that does not have poshei yisrael in it is not a proper gathering.

    To which the Beis ha Levi replied, true, but the ketores had 11 spices. There was a minyan without the chelbenah. Once you have a proper minyan, then the poshei yisrael can join.

  2. I can't speak for the haredi MKs, but perhaps they would make a distinction between a Reform "rabbi" - who is a חוטא ומחטיא and possibly an apikoros - and a regular Jew who attends a Reform synagogue. In Kariv's case, this ban is more than warranted.

    Bored Lawyer, cute story.

  3. I must have missed when the charedim became the people who ran the Knesset minyan. They probably just assume it's theirs' by right, like the Kotel, the Churva, the Chief Rabbinate, etc. etc.

    1. 1. who exactly is going to fight with them about this?
      2. even if others in any given minyan dont agree, the Haredi MKs can and will just walk out of they only have 10 including Kariv.

  4. Be happy it's not a female Reform rabbi


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