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Feb 23, 2021

The Bloc Loyalty

Channel 12 News has reported that PM Netanyahu has once again signed his potential coalition partners on a loyalty document saying that after the elections they will only negotiate together as a bloc, and each will not go off on its own and support any candidate other than Netanyahu for Prime Minister.

Shas, Likud, and UTJ have signed this loyalty pledge.

I am not quite sure what the purpose of it is, other than to give Netanyahu a slightly better night of sleep.

If Netanyahu can put together a coalition after the election, these parties are in anyway, as they are part of the coalition. If Netanyahu can't manage a coalition of 61+ MKs, this document is meaningless. If Saar, for example, successfully manages to get 61 MKs to support him, will UTJ or Shas really not try to also get into the coalition? Same if Bennett succeeds. Maybe not if Lapid succeeds, but the other two - I don't see why not. And I dont see why UTJ or UTJ would go to the Opposition with Netanyahu just because it is Netanyahu.

Here is what is reported to be the text of the loyalty document.

I don't see how it does anything except ask the people to support them. 

And what will happen if Netanyahu is close to 61 but does not manage to cross that minimum for a governing coalition. if he then tries to entice Labor or Kachol Lavan (Gantz) to join and push him over the top, he will have broken the loyalty commitment of forming a government together that is truly Right.

This document does nothing except make them all look like Netanyahu's lapdogs jumping at his every whim.

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