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Feb 21, 2021

we just do what we want

There were several articles in the news last week about the various rabbonim who said the yeshivas should not send out, or allow, the boys to go collecting this year for Purim as they do every year, but it should all be done by telephone this year.

Just last night, the beginning of the Purim collecting season, we had 3 different groups of yeshiva boys knock on our door, collecting for their yeshivas "tatim".

Personally I was not giving them enough money to justify tcheppering them with questions as to why they are not listening to the gedolim that said not to go around collecting. I just gave them each a small amount and sent them on their ways.

But they, or at least some, are not listening.

Nothing new. I believe that most of us listen or follow the rules, social, societal, communal, legal, when it is convenient and when not, not. Higher callings and ideology - that is just something we pass the buck on. It is easy to say I am just following orders, this is what the gedolim say, passing responsibility to others. We all, for the most part, just do what we want.

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  1. How are the shuls in RBS dealing with tav yarok? It sounds like something that when you really look into it, is impossible to deal with. So I imagine people will either continue outside, or ignore it completely (as many have been doing until now anyway)

  2. I only know the little bit I see, but some people are still davening outside. Some shuls just have their regular minyanim an dont really follow any rules. Some try with capsules and pods and insist on masks and distancing. I saw a notice on one shul that only people who register for minyan in advance can participate.


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