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Feb 15, 2021

Likud grandstanding

Finance Minister Yisrael Katz just said two things on Radio Kol Hai:

1. When Smotritch was Transportation Minister, the Left attacked him. When he sat int he opposition, they considered him legitimate. Now he is going towards a Netanyahu government so they are badmouthing him and Ben Gvir

2. Tomorrow I will present the financial stimulus plan. 750nis per citizen, 300nis or 500nis per child until the 7th percentile. This is salvation for families. I want to see Saar or Lapid voting against this

This is classic grandstanding.

The Likud never backed or supported Ben Gvir or his ilk, except when he could help them. And even then they did so very cautiously, like when Netanyahu says he is legitimate but we wont give him any power or influence. Even with Smotritch they were always cautious. And the Left always criticized him as well and wanted nothing to do with him, always considered him an extremist, even when he was in the Opposition. When in Opposition he didnt need or get legitimacy from the Left, as they were not giving him any jobs or power. 

And regarding voting for the financial plan, Saar is not a Member of Knesset or of the government. He will not be voting. I don't know if Lapid will support or oppose the vote, but Saar won't be doing anything - at most he might comment on it. Katz is just trying to set him up to look bad, making people think he is Opposition thinking only for himself and not for the people. He isn't anything right now.

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