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Feb 21, 2021

we won't sit with them and we won't sit with them

The latest "we won't sit in a coalition with.." statement was made by the Haredi parties, as per my previous post, referring to labor due to the fourth slot on the Labor list being held by Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv.

This gets added to a long list of parties or people different parties already won't sit with.

A bunch won't sit with Ben Gvir, and maybe Smotritch's party (if the factions split off after the elections). 

Some might not sit with the Likud because of their support for getting Ben Gvir into Knesset (if it happens). 

The Haredi parties won't sit with Lapid (though recently some are changing their tune on this, so it remains to be seen), and they won't sit with Lieberman.

Lieberman won't sit with the Haredi parties.

Obviously many will not sit with the Arab parties, as has always been the case.

Some won't sit with the Likud , because of Netanyahu (assuming it is Netanyahu forming the coalition - if not they'll be happy to have Netanyahu sit in their coalition).

This is going to make forming a coalition exceedingly difficult.

I don't think anybody expects Netanyahu to be able to form a full right wing coalition. The numbers make this seem unlikely, especially if everyone keeps their promise, as per the above. 

Even if he could, I am not sure he would. In the past he has formed his coalitions using Left or Center parties and leaving out right wing parties. If his coalition was dependent on Bennett and/or Ben Gvir, would he form this coalition rather than try to bring in Labor or Lapid? I am not so sure he would, despite his campaign against others who might sit with Center and Left parties - Netanyahu always has.

And if he doesn't or can't have a full Right coalition, he is going to have a hard time pulling in a Center-Left party if his coalition partners won't sit with them. If the Haredim (specifically Litzman) won't sit with Lapid, and if they won't sit with Labor, how does Netanyahu form a coalition?

It looks like a lot more political chaos is ahead of us.

And I like that. I Have taken a strong liking recently to political chaos, and this makes it difficult for me. 

Who do I vote for? 

My voting strategy going into this was going to be vote for the party that will lead to most chaos. But now I don't know which party that will be. Should I vote for one of the Haredi parties, who will blacklist Labor and Lapid? Should I vote for either Labor or Lapid? Should I vote for Netanyahu? Should I vote for Gideon Saar? Should I vote for a party that will not sit with the Haredim? Should I vote for a party that the Haredim won't sit with? I don't think voting Bennett will help increase chaos but it seems almost definite, at this point, that he will be the kingmaker, which on its own is somewhat chaotic.

Such a dilemma! 


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  1. In 50s/60s there was a Mapai MK, a shomer Shabbat perfectly acceptable Rav, except that he was an extreme lefty, I think his name was Cohen. Of course, Mapai was using him to prove they aren't anti dati, he probably knew it and allowed it


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