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Feb 22, 2021

electronic ankle bracelets to track quarantine breakers

Because of the difficulties involved with the stifling of the CoronaVirus mutations entering Israel while  granting of exceptions to the airport closure and allowing 2000 or so people into the country daily.. the government is looking for alternative methods. An additional factor is that it seems only about 35% of people entering Israel actually spend their quarantine in the Coronatels (Corona Hotels) - the rest find ways to get out of it and get excepted via committee and do their quarantine at home.

According to the news, the Ministry of Health is proposing, and I stress this is just a proposal for now and has not been approved or passed yet into law, to offer each person two choices - either spend quarantine in the Coronatel or spend it at home but with an electronic ankle bracelet so the government can track you and make sure you are staying home.

The problem with letting the people stay at home for quarantine after entering Israel is that so many people do not keep the rules of quarantine and go out anyway thinking the risk of getting caught and fined is very low. If some of those people have CoronaVirus, especially one of the mutations, and go out of their quarantine because they dont want to be stuck at home and are not afraid of getting caught outside, the virus spreads, against the best efforts of the government. 

Requiring an electronic tracking device is not going to go over well and is just going to embolden the people who are involved in the conspiracy theories about government control, world orders, depopulation, government stealing freedoms, the vaccines being trackers and the like. While that alone might not be enough of a reason to scrap a proposal that might work - the conspiracy theorists will always find something to jump on, whether it is this or something else - tagging people with electronic tracking bracelets is going to make people feel like criminals. Even if it is understandable, as the need for tracking exists and there is no intention of treating them like criminals, it is still treating them like criminals no parole or making them feel like that.

We really don't want or need our little state to become a prison state... I really hope this proposal doesn't pass. It should have been withdrawn as soon as it was suggested.

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1 comment:

  1. sick and getting sicker by the day ('Mentally'). The inmates are in control.


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