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Aug 31, 2022

an agreement that is probably good for everyone

So the Finance Ministry and the Teachers Union came to an agreement. School will start on time, the agreement is for 5 years or so so as long as the two sides keep their end of the deal there should not be any strikes in the coming years, and kids will be able to go to school.

I am not smart enough on these issues to know who "won" in this standoff - the teachers or the Finance Ministry. At the end of the day, if they came to an agreement, everyone must have won, and the important thing is that the kids go back to school. There are aspects of this deal that still give too much power to the teachers and prevents even bad teachers from being fired but there are also aspects of this that are good in general and things the teachers have never before agreed to, such as moving around vacation days to be more in sync with the workforce vacation days and also long summer school sessions.

From a financial perspective, I have no idea. From a social perspective this seems to largely be a good arrangement.

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