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Aug 24, 2022

trying anything to find Moishi Kleinerman

This tweet is heartbreaking

Ahron Norani, a Haredi reporter, tweeted that he went to the graves of Shmaya and Avtalyon up north. He saw a sign there in the wall, handwritten in black and red markers, written by Moishi Kleinerman's mother. She wrote "My Avraham Moshe, we love you and are not angry at you, we just miss you, please call us at any time, (signed by) Father, Mother and the entire family".

Moishi Kleinerman has been missing for more than 150 days, with seemingly no known trace (not made public at least) as to his whereabouts. 

To note, they added that this was pasted up with permission of the gabbai and should not be removed. Also to note, some idiot added his own comment as if it is Moishi writing saying "I dont remember your phone number" - there is funny, there is cynical, but this is just cruel.

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1 comment:

  1. Do they have a reason to think he ran away? I hope they shared it with the police, if so.


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