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Aug 28, 2022

road safety vs home safety

Minister of Transportation Merav Michael is running a campaign against husbands who murder their wives. Well, sort of.

Firstly, it is an important campaign in general in light of some recent horrific incidents of husbands murdering wives, in addition to some other incidents of family members murdering each other.

Secondly, while anybody can speak up about anything, as a campaign this seems to be more in line with the Ministry of Internal Security and less in line with the work of the Ministry of Transportation. Michaeli's voice is surely important on such matters but as far as running a campaign it seems this should be the realm of Internal Security and not Transportation.

On the third hand (haha), this phrasing seems to indicate that every wife is worried about possibly being murdered by her husband. I hope my wife isnt worried about that. I hope most women are not. This seems to indicate that most husbands are possible murderers and women need security from that. I like to think that the husbands who are potential murders are a minority, an extreme minority, and the women who have to worry about it are not average women in average marriages but in bad marriages with husbands who already have violent tendencies. Those situations need to be dealt with, but I dont think painting the entire society as one of women with husbands who might murder them is helpful.

On the fourth hand (again, haha), maybe Michael as Minister of Transportation should be more worried about the type of security involving bus drivers murdering their passengers and other pedestrians, such as in the recent bus accidents in Jerusalem, along with traffic accidents in general. Maybe she should be running campaigns to calm things down on the road and not so much in the bedroom.

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