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Aug 28, 2022

Impossible Human

Remember the Impossible Pork product that was technically kosher but the OU kashrut organization decided to not certify it as kosher because of the name - pork. They didn't want to cause confusion, with people thinking pork is kosher.

Well, there is a new product on the market that should also technically, possibly, be kosher, and I am wondering if they would be able to get a hechsher if they wanted one.

According to news reports, a Swedish based company called Oumph has created a plant based hamburger that supposedly tastes like human flesh. Being that this burger is plant based, it should likely be kosher, dependent on the spices and other ingredients included, but I can't see the OU or any other kashrut organization certifying "tastes like human flesh" as kosher. Maybe if they dont call it "Impossible Human" they will find a way to get it certified.

I am not quite sure how they came up with the idea for a human flesh tasting burger, nor am I sure how they know what human flesh tastes like (that question seems to go unanswered in their material), nor am I quite sure how many people would want to eat such a burger (though I do think there will be some curious people)..

I guess this will become the go-to product for cannibals who go vegetarian.

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  1. Sick and getting sicker! Praying it disappears and never sees the light of day.
    What is wrong with these 'people'?

    1. According to the link it was only a one time production run for last Halloween Oct 2021. The company said they weren't continuing it because they themselves thought it too creepy and only did it "L'Kovod" Halloween as a joke. It was immediately discontinued after Halloween.


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