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Aug 31, 2022

it is always election season in Israel

I am really not sure what to think about the latest developments in the inquiry into the Meron tragedy. Yesterday they sent warning letters to several people involved. Aryeh Deri so far hasn't been warned of an impending indictment and seems to have convinced them he was not responsible, but Netanyahu as Prime Minister for 12 consecutive years with overall responsibility and awareness of the dangerous situation was warned, as was Amir Ohana the Minister of Internal Security at the time, along with several police officials and other central figures. Maybe more will be coming to other people, maybe not.

The Likud has attacked this decision to send these letters now, claiming it is a political ploy, as the letter is sent during an election season - another way of hurting Netanyahu and trying to weaken him before elections.

The committee until now has been praised all around as being serious, not political, and fair and determined to reveal the truth. Just because some people dont like the interim conclusions does not mean all that has to now no longer be true. 

And the thing is, at least in the past 3 years, but even before that as well though not as in extreme a manner, in Israel we are always right before an election. Nothing would ever get accomplished, as little as gets accomplished as is, if they always had to worry about the ramifications and effect on an upcoming election!

Similar to the way Hamas ends military campaigns with a cease fie to give themselves time to prepare for the next one, Israel concludes an election season just to give itself a bit of time to prepare for the next one.

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