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Aug 31, 2022

sovereignty on Har Habayit without presence

on the day of the yahrtzeit of Rav Kook, who himself was strongly opposed to Jews ascending Har Habayit, Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau spoke out against those who got o Har Habayit today.

Rav Lau said, "We need to be careful and bot bring ourselves into questions and concerns of karess. There are other ways for us to show sovereignty. We must safeguard the holiness of the place."

Not to discount his opinion on going to Har Habayit - this has been the mainstream opinion for decades until recently, and even today it might still be mainstream - but what does he mean there are other ways to show sovereignty over Har Habayit? What are those ways and are we doing anything else to show sovereignty? Is the Rabbanut, which is opposed to Jews on Har Habayit even as a form of showing sovereignty, pushing other forms of showing sovereignty? I want to know what he meant.

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  1. Of all the things he could have said about Rav Kook, he had to davka pick this one? He could have talked about, say, heter mechira. Or he could have told off his fellow chief rabbi for not being a modern Zionist, like R' Kook. One senses these people care about Rav Kook only to the extent they can use him (falsely, as it happens) to attack their "enemies" over this issue that they, frankly, are obsessed over.

  2. One way to show sovereignty is to not allow ANYBODY up on the mountain. It may start WWIII, but, in theory, would be supported by the vast majority of Rabbanim.

  3. You asked "what does he mean there are other ways to show sovereignty over Har Habayit?"

    Those last 3 words are not part of Rav Lau's quote and adding them is the reason for your question.

    My guess is that the Rav meant that there are other ways to show Israel is the sovereign power in Israel without using Har haBayit for that goal.


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