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Aug 29, 2022

Israel should stay out of it

Back in the days of COVID-19 I thought that the Israeli government should not get involved in deciding whether the Breslav pilgrims should go to Uman or not. Uman is the problem of the Ukranians, not the Israelis. If Ukraine was concerned about Covid they could stop travel, to Breslavers as well, of foreigners into the country, and if not not. It should not have been Israel's business or concern. Israel could issue a travel warning, and it could definitely make the return entry to Israel dependent on things like testing, quarantine, etc., but the travel from Israel to Ukraine should have been Ukraine''s business and decision to make, not Israel's.

I think the same now, with the war in Ukraine.

The PMO, Prime Minister's Office, tried to bring in the heads of the Haredi parties for a consultation to determine policy on travel to Ukraine. It ended up not happening because the Haredi MKs decided there was no point, largely because Breslavers would not listen to them anyway.

In my opinion, Israel can publicize its opinion that people should not travel to the Ukraine, it is unsafe, etc. Whatever they want to say. But anything beyond that is the decision of the pilgrims themselves and the Ukranian government. Every potential pilgrim can decide for himself if he wants to go despite the risks or not. And more importantly the Ukranian government can decide if it wants to let foreign travelers in or not. Israel should not be a part of this situation, except to issue a travel advisory.

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  1. And declare that if anyone gets in trouble, they're on their own.


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