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Aug 18, 2022

Hadar Muchtar can't run but can be appointed

Just a short while ago Hadar Muchtar formed a political party for the young adults of Israel, with her main issue being the high cost of living and how difficult that is for the young community to see a future for themselves, if they wont be able to afford housing, among other things. The name of the party is Tzeirim Boarim (I called the Lit Youth party).

Muchtar herself is unable to run, due to just barely missing the cutoff - she is not yet 21 years of age which the laws says is the minimum age required to run for Knesset. Her party list would not to be made up of only members older than 21. Muchtar petitioned the Supreme Court to allow her to run, arguing that if 18-20 year olds can serve in the army and fight in wars they should also be able to run for Knesset.

It took a little while but what seemed like the obvious decision has now been made official. The Supreme Court said no. The law is the law, the Knesset can change it, but the Supreme Court will not. Hadar Muchtar cannot run this time around, as she misses the cutoff date. her party can run, with eligible candidates on the party list. Hadar Muchtar herself, really the face of the party, cannot run for Knesset but if her party gets in, she can be appointed to a Ministerial position, as that does not have the same requirements.

Without having any real idea how well her party might have done with her leading the list, though she claims polls indicate about 6 mandates for the party, I wonder how her not being able to lead the list might affect it.

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