Aug 2, 2022

the Lit Youth Party

Hadar Muchtar is a rising star in Israel. At least right now. She knows how to use social media and make her and her campaign go viral.

Muchtar is a young lady, just 20 years old. She has announced that she has formed a political party that will run for Knesset, the Mifleget Hatzeirim Boarim - the Party of the Lit Young. The problem is that to run for Knesset one must be 21 years old. Today Muchtar filed a petition with the Supreme Court to invalidate that law (or however it is worded) - Muchtar says that if somebody 18-20 can be in the army and fight in a war, how can it be that they cant qualify to be in the Knesset and eat burekas while debating in a Knesset committee... We will see what the Supreme Court has to say about this.

In the meantime, Muchtar and her team have been posting videos all over social media of her screamign about different aspects of the high cost of living. She asks why if the Members of Knesset have been there for 20 years and prices keep going up, why we keep voting for them and it is time to change. 

Here are a couple examples of her videos..

So far she isnt proposing solutions or telling us what she would do. I would like to see her proposals. Just complaining about the high cost of living makes her just like you, me and every other person in the country. If she wants to run for Knesset successfully she is goign to have to start laying out her plans.

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  1. How can the world get stupider? There's no end to stupidity!


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