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Aug 17, 2022

will Lapid save Rosh Hashana?

Kol Hai News has a report that PM yair Lapid will be meeting with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on August 24 to discuss, I guess amongst other things, the issue of Breslavers traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Because of the war with Russia, the entire issue is a big question mark. Some in Ukraine have said the pilgrimage wont be allowed this year due to the danger of the war and Ukraine cant take responsibility for having people come into their danger zone, while others have said that region is relatively quiet (even though there was a recent attack in the area) so the pilgrimage will be fine.

According to the report, the Ukranians are saying that if they agree to allow it, it will only be allowed if Israel takes full responsibility for the event, including local security with Israeli police. honestly this sounds weird to me. I get the idea of overall responsibility for Israeli citizens (and Jews from elsewhere somehow represented symbolically by Israel) traveling into a war zone with danger, but they want Israel to send in the police forces and operate on Ukranian soil? That's just weird. Besides for the fact that the Israeli police are barely able to keep things under control in Israel, they want the police to travel to another country and keep things under control there, where they might not even have full authority? 

Either way, it seems funny and ironic that it is Yair Lapid, the big hater of Haredim and lousy prime minister (sarcasm to be noted), who it seems likely will make arrangements for the Breslavers to go to Uman while Netanyahu as PM didnt do anything to help them when Ukraine said no during Covid times... and Ukraine said no when the Israeli officials told it to...

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  1. (1) Outside Ukraine, Rosh ha Shana is not in any danger. One can observe RH without traveling there. I know, it sounds radical, but millions of Jews do it the world over.

    (2) As you point out, Ukraine is currently a war zone. The notion that people should travel there and put themselves in danger for no good reason is contrary to the Torah.

    (3) All the more so to ask for Israeli police or other security persons to put themselves in that danger.

    Sorry, visiting R. Nahman's kever on Rosh ha Shana is not more important than keeping Jewish lives safe. If you don't agree with that, I don't know what you think you are practicing, but Judaism it's not.

    1. someone's gotta tell the Breslavers

    2. You can send them my post. Davening on RH in Uman is not as important as, say, blowing Shofar on RH. Which we don't do when RH falls out on Shabbos. And saving lives is doche Shabbos.
      So going to Uman is not something you do if it endangers lives, your own or those of security forces from Israel.

  2. Lapid adroitly kills 2 birds with one stone, showing how he is pro Ukraine and pro religion <


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