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Aug 16, 2022

fixing public transportation

Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli announced today that she is going to put together a team of inspectors to secretly check bus line sin Jerusalem, Bnie Braq and Bet Shemesh to see that women are not being discriminated against and forced to the back of the bus.


On its own that is a good thing and a good project. These guys who force their way onto other people terrorize the community, and it is not just the non-haredim who suffer but even the general mainstream haredim who suffer from their abuse.

That being said, Michaeli should be sending inspectors to, as well, in addition to the above, ensure that there are enough buses, that the buses are running their routes in a timely fashion, that the buses are not overcrowded. The public transportation system is a mess. Michaeli's goal in this position was always to encourage people to use public transportation rather than personal vehicles, but with the way the pt system is so messed up, that is not going to happen. The reason to fix the public transportation system is not so people give up their cars, even if that is her main goal, but because people need to be able to rely on public transportation to get where they need to go in a timely fashion. If buses dont show up, if they run late, if they are overcrowded and cant pick up passengers, the system is worthless.

Fix the discrimination against women, but also fix the system itself so people, men and women and children, can uses the buses reliably.

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