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Feb 7, 2023

Ethiopian Jewish Woman, Mazi Philip’s, Journey To Israel (video)

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  1. Josephs is one of those people who reacts to left-wing anti-Semitism (she's especially focusing on Hollywood now, because everyone does) by insisting that Jews are not white and are just as un-"priviliged" as black people and other minorities higher on the totem pole in the Left's pecking order.

    In addition to being silly on its face- Jews are almost all white and pretty privileged- it's ugly (you don't get ahead by, implicitly, tearing down other people, in this case white people) and self-defeating (the Left is never going to buy it, because they have their all-important Narrative and many are just anti-Semites anyway; and of course you're going to get white people angry at you too).

    So she found a black Jew in America. Congratulations. That doesn't make her, or most American Jews, non-white.


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