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Feb 27, 2023

deterrence achieved?

Interestingly (as per previous post), several MKs from Otzma Yehudit spoke up last night and this morning expressing satisfaction with the work of the enraged civilians and said that deterrence has been achieved and that burning down Hawara will teach them and let them know to not mess with the Israelis. MK Fogel even called this the greatest act of deterrence since Operation Defensive Shield which was over 20 years ago.

That is a pretty bold statement, considering a day has not even passed yet, and Ramadan is approaching. We will only know the deterrence effect if we see it actually effects a decrease in terror attacks. It is a nice theory, now hopefully it will play out as Fogel (et al) expects.

Go ahead and encourage acts of deterrence, but let's not be so bold as to declare success before the bodies are even cold. 

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