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Feb 21, 2023

Quote of the Day

The whites established the State, they serve in the army, they are the engineers and technicians and they are afraid that the politicians of "Second Israel" want to take over the country.

  -- Dov Halbertal, Haredi legalist and commentator explaining his support for the protests against the judicial reforms

Halbertal has always been provocative and racist but this is way out there

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  1. Is he saying this is his reason, or that of others opposing the reforms? It sounds like a sarcastic way of saying the latter.

  2. If he really means it, it's racist and false (which are of course not always the same thing), not to mention stupid and self-defeating.

    But he is saying the quiet part out loud. When the protesters march past our house every few days, I scream "White people!" at them.

  3. He's right, if a bit blunt. This is about Ashkenazi secular liberals who dominated the government and everything else for decades in Israel and their last control over the state is the Supreme Court. It allows them to control how to run the country even though they no longer win elections. Their nightmare is a majority non-Ashkenazi secular liberal society (ie everyone other than them) actually controlling Israel's destiny in ways they don't like.


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