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Feb 28, 2023

Yaya Nono

I generally like Yaya Fink but I think what he did now is too much. 

Yaya Fink, former MK, currently a lobbyist (I think) and a Labor activist, decided he could not just let the recent attacks on innocent people in Huwara go leaving the world with such a bad impression of Israel, so he created a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the innocent victims in Huwara who had their possessions and properties destroyed by the attacks of the rogue settlers.

I get what he is trying to do and I even sympathize with the campaign in some way. Had it just been a random attack by Jews/Israelis coming basically out of nowhere, I would have nothing to say about this campaign, and maybe I would even make a small donation. In this instance though the attack on Huwara was a direct response to the terror attacks by people from Huwara on Jews in which Jews/Israelis were killed and injured. The people he is raising money for might have been innocent and unfairly attacked but he did not start a campaign for the unfairly attacked innocent civilians on the Israeli side this was in response to, and no Palestinian equivalent created such a campaign either. 

I think in this instance, under these circumstances, raising money for the Palestinian victims was too much, and I am disappointed in Fink

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  1. Given money? Why? Do you give to every cause?

    1. I do not but I give to plenty and if I think it is making a good point I might consider it. I would at least not be anti it.


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