Feb 6, 2023

did they dismantle the buiding?

So, did they dismantle the illegal building today?

No, they did not. You thought they actually might?

The other day on Meet the Press, Minister of National Security Iamar Ben Gvir by now famously said that if eh sees he is not influencing the government he will resign. Additionally, through the entire election campaign and since, the now members of the "full right" government all complained about lack of ability to govern because of the courts and the leftists embedded in all levels of government institutions.

We already mentioned Khan Al Ahmar that was made a major campaign issue by some of them, including Itamar Ben Gvir. Its evacuation has been supported by the courts, yet Netanyahu's full right government, including Ben Gvir, recently delayed its evacuation again indefinitely.

The other day Minister Ben Gvir announced the upcoming demolition of an illegally constructed building in East Jerusalem. This building houses nine families and about 100 people altogether. The courts approved the demolition. Nobody, not the leftists or the courts, is stopping the "full right" government from demolishing this illegal home built illegally by Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Sure, it might cause friction and security concerns, but this is what the full right government is all about - putting into place full right wing policy, by hook or by crook despite the leftists that might get upset.

Oops. Netanyahu called it off today, indefinitely. 

Yes, Itamar Ben Gvir and his people have influence, and the full right government is effectively implementing full right wing policy. Hey, they stopped security prisoners from baking their own fresh pita and instead have to get the fresh pita delivered by a bakery. And you think they have no influence?

The only full right wing policy they have actually been pushing forward is the advancement of judicial reforms they are personally interested in to get out of their own corruption cases (even if their is other good in those reforms). They seem more concerned about getting Deri back into the government than any right wing security policy they campaigned on. 

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