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Feb 12, 2023

killing tourism

Journalist Amit Segal reported earlier today that the Ministry of Finance is considering making up for the cancellation of the tax on sugary drinks by starting to charge VAT to tourists.

This would both make up the shortfall from the lost sugary drink tax and also lessen to the damage to the environment as planes cause a lot of pollution.

The only way it will lessen the damage to the environment is if fewer planes fly to Israel. 

That mean fewer tourists to Israel

The Israeli economy is extremely reliant on tourism, so this would be a big blow to the economy. All that foreign currency coming in to the country will be lessened.

Additionally, it might make up for the shortfall of the lost tax on sugary drinks (maybe, we don't know the numbers), but again, make it more expensive for tourists, and tourists will just go elsewhere. It wont kill tourism completely, of course, but it could make a nice dent in the numbers.

And even if tourists continue to come, and many will, they will likely spend less.

I can't imagine them putting this plan in place.


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