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Feb 27, 2023

out of options so stuck with crazy

Thoughts about yesterday's terror attack on reprisals by Israelis in Hawara.

We all look back nostalgically at the days of the infamous Unit 101 founded by Ariel Sharon in the 1950s that operated to retaliate for attacks by the fedayeen. Unit 101 would basically wipe out Arab villages in retaliation for attacks on Jews. 

Those were the days.

There was response. There was an attempt at deterrence. There was an attitude of we wont be sheep to the slaughter. There was a sense of taking our destiny in our own hands. 

And while the actions of the "settlers" last night attacking and burning parts of Hawara, where the terrorist came from, might remind us of the olden days, Unit 101 was part of the IDF. It wasn't a bunch of civilians doing what they felt best and necessary.

That being said, one of the ramifications of their actions last night is that instead of across the board condemnation of the act of terror of a Palestinian and criticism of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, it is now mingled and tempered with criticism of violence by the settlers and indiscriminate attacks against some who perhaps deserved it but many who were innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. So instead of world condemnation of Palestinian terror, we now have tempered condemnation of violence on both sides.

On another note, this government is chaotic.

MKs from parties in the government are criticizing the weak response by the government, the one they are members of, and some are even calling for, and praising, violence by private citizens and saying things like their actions were necessary, good, created deterrence, etc. Others, including Ministers, supported such statements, and then some, seemingly begrudgingly, stated that people should not take the law into their own hands but the security forces will handle it. 

Forget about the Opposition trying to make trouble for the government, this is all from within the government itself. 

And then there are those who still don't know how to take responsibility and were issuing statements blaming the Left. 

I believe that if Netanyahu had any other option, other than new elections, he would dismantle this government coalition and form another. He is stuck with this one, for now, so we are going to keep seeing more of this craziness for the near future.

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1 comment:

  1. Unit 101 wasn't about deterrance. The Israelis knew from the beginning that the Arabs would not stop killing Jews. Unit 101 was about putting a price on Jewish blood. In Europe and Arabia, when Jews were killed there was no justice. The only answer to calls for something to be done was "Look, at least we left some of you alive." Sharon's message was "Kill us if you want. You'll pay dearly."
    Look, the world doesn't care about Jewish lives. The Arabs could slaughter an entire village of Jews tomorrow and if the IDF seals a single Arab house in response, the UN will convene to condemn them. I don't approve of this senseless violence but I understand why. After 74 years of non-stop terror, it's actually a sign of Jewish morality that the breakdown is only happening now.


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