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Feb 12, 2023

The buck doesn't stop here

So MK Tali Gottlieb (Likud) blamed Supreme Court President Esther Hayut for the most recent terror attack in Jerusalem. Somehow her opposition to PM Netanyahu's judicial reforms makes her responsible for Arab terror.

PM Netanyahu put her down fairly quickly saying nobody is at fault for the terror attack other than the terrorist himself.

Deputy Minister Uri Maklev also weighed in blaming Minister Itamar Ben Gvir for the terror attack saying that his going up to Har Habayit enflames the region and results in increased terror. 

I didnt hear anybody put him in his place, as was done with Gottlieb (maybe I missed it).

Minister Itamar Ben Gvir blamed the Attorney General somehow for the terror.

President Harry S Truman said "the buck stops here". That doesn't seem to be the motto of this government.

And more rocket fire on the southern communities has gone unanswered.

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