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Feb 9, 2023

Interesting Psak: Saving Lives

Chief Rabni Rav Dovid Lau today issued a psak for the delegations that went to Turkey, or Turkiye, to help with the rescue efforts.

Srugim is reporting that Rav Lau issued a psak for the delegations that their efforts should continue in the same manner on Shabbos - they should continue their efforts to save lives and provide relief and search for survivors and to provide medical care.

With the engineering corps it is especially interesting, as Rav Lau said as long as there is a chance of survivors, efforts to find and rescue people form the rubble should continue. This isnt a new question and has been debated in other tragedies around the world - at what point do they decide there can be no more survivors? For now it is still too early for that, but if we approach another Shabbos, that question might become relevant. Let's hope the question will never come up and everyone will be rescued before that happens.

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