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Feb 9, 2023

Proposed Law that is Troll of the Day

This is amazing. An amazing troll. An amazing law proposal to troll the government. And watch, it will probably end up getting supported byt he government and passing into law.

Kobi Bornshtein, a reporter for Mishpacha, tweeted today the MK Merav Michaeli (Labor) proposed a new law today.

In light of the various Netanyahu and Shas attempts to devise laws to allow Deri to circumvent the Supreme Court and be appointed minister, Michaeli has proposed a new law that would solve the problem.

Michaeli's proposed law, and this would be an amendment to one of the basic laws, is that Aryeh Deri will be declared above the law and can be appointed to any position he may desire.

lol. I love it.

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