Apr 15, 2008

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2 posts that you will definitely find interesting..
  1. G posted at Serandez about a shidduch question asked of Rav B, in which he turned the tables on the questioner.
  2. Rabbi Horowitz has another thought provoking piece in which he asks questions for people to think about. I thought this was particularly relevant here after a recent thread in the comments section.


  1. Ezzie is a great guy but that is lashon hara against Rav Balenson pure and simple and I find it objectionable in the extreme

  2. first of all, it was G and not Ezzie who wrote the post.

    Second of all, what is the Lashon Ha'Ra? Rav Beilinson said something publicly (he sent it out on his public emaillist) and G commented about it. Nobody revealed any classified info that Rav B said in confidence. Nobody told any secrets about Rav B. Rav B said something publicly.
    So where is the lashon ha'ra?

  3. "The rabbi" says we can do lashon hara about YU and then saying anything about that rabbi is lashon hara? LMAO.
    Besides "that rabbi", whoever he is, I don't care for his identidy, sounds someone you would not consult. I found his answers to be sarcastic and not of substance. The girl sounded a bit weak on the self esteem side but that is not a reason to be mean on someone.


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