Apr 13, 2008

Will the courts allow the Korban Pesach this year?

According to this article, a group of people led by Professor Hillel Weiss, is suing to be allowed to offer a Korban Pesach in the place of the Beis Hamikdash.

the Korban Pesach is the only korban rthta does not need the actual Beis Hamikdash, just needs to be sacrificed in the same place. As well, the Korban Pesach is the only korban that can be offered in our state of impurity, even though normally one is not allowed to enter the area of the Mikdash in a state of ritual impurity.

The group had previously requested permission from the Prime Minister's Office and the request had been denied. They are now suing on the basis of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Movement, and Freedom of Expression.

The court is expected to hand down a decision in the coming days whether or not to allow it.

If I was putting money down, I would guess the courts will not allow it saying that technically it is allowed but it is up to the discretion of the police to decide whether it will cause riots and danger. And the police will disallow it just like they disallow prayer, or even moving one's lips (only if you are a religious Jew) while on Har Habayit.

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