Apr 7, 2008

tiyuling safely

Bein Hazmanim for the Yeshiva world is here, as the month of Nissan began yesterday. In Israel that means one thing, unfortunately. It is just a matter of time before we begin hearing about tragedies of Yeshiva bochurim on tiyulim without taking proper equipment, not enough water, etc. and ending up in some sort of tragedy. This past year there were a lot of tragedies of yeshiva bochurim on tiyulim, and the number seems to increase every vacation period.

In an attempt to avert the tragedy before it happens, ZAKA in conjunction with Meuhedet have been advertising courses in different areas, specifically in Haredi areas where the problem seems to be more rampant. The courses are to train the guys how to go on a tiyul, what is necessary to take along, how to be careful in the environment, basic first aid, etc.

Hopefully these courses will help, the guys can go out and safely enjoy themselves, and we will not be awash with news reports of yeshiva guys who dehydrated, got lost or fell off a cliff, chas v'shalom..


  1. The big bluff: Hachnasat Kalla

    There's a mini-tycoon by the name of Gurvitz originally from London, who is planning on preventing his daughter from getting married tomorrow night to a very choshuve family. He has already hired goons to twice beat up the groom.

    He has bullied every Rabbi in the country to bother the family and all of them refuse to be Mesader Kidushin!

    Next time someone comes crying to you for Hachnasat Kalla money know that he didn’t lift a finger to prevent this – and may even have helped prevent Hachnasat Kalla in its purest form; a wedding.

    Come see with your own eyes at the Reich hotel tomorrow (Tuesday) night how Yidden do real Hachnasat Kalla. Helmets and bullet proof vests are recommended.

    Remember: if they don’t get a nice cut then Hachnasat Kalla doesn't count for anything.

  2. why is he trying to prevent her from marrying him?

  3. Anon (AKA Manny Green),

    I noticed this comment on the "adderabbi" blog as well. Amazing how this has to do both with going on tiyulim and with Jewish baseballers!

  4. I actually saw that the Badatz in Jerusalem has posted signs that someone is trying to seduce a girl despite her parents being against and they disapprove and the guy got engaged to her anyway, and they are ripping her family apart, blah blah blah

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