Apr 16, 2008

Nach Nach politics

2 items that I found interesting today...
  1. The price of bread, regulated by the government, which in the past year has risen a few times, rose again today another 4%. The approval is kind of cloudy. The Union of Bakers requested a price increase 30 days ago. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (led by Minister Eli Yishai from Shas) never responded to the request (either to approve or to reject) and therefore after 30 days it is automatically approved. It seems Yishai felt the need to approve the price increase, but did not want his name on the official paper, so instead he just never responded, thus allowing it to happen without his name getting on it. He clearly thinks people are stupid and nobody will know he allowed it to happen (which he did by not rejecting the request).
    To remind you, when the price of bread was in the news earlier in the year and Yishai was "forced" to allow the price increase, he also decided then to deregulate the price of bread. He later backed out of that and kept it regulated, but now has allowed the price to rise for a third time this year. The main blow is to the weaker sectors who rely more on bread, and specifically the basic bread which is regulated, than other sectors, and rely more on the assistance of the political parties that claim to be looking out for the lower class. Such as Shas.
  2. Rumor has it that Breslav is working to form its own political party. The Various groups in Breslav have never really felt represented by any of the other political parties, and either kind of freelanced with Shas, UTJ, Likud and others, or just did not bother voting. With Breslav being one of the largest and fastest growing groups, most of Baalei Teshuva in Israel are somehow associated with Breslav, along with the general affinity people have for Breslav, along with the amazing exposure they already have (because of all the Nach Nachs that dance in the streets and in any public place possible), this can be a ticket ready for success.
    I am pretty sure they will take the combination of letters that spell Nach, or נח, and take advantage of their call sign already being all over the country in ways that no political party can compete with.

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