Apr 3, 2008

Haredi Bet Shemesh has made history

According to this news report, The most lucrative real estate deal in Bet Shemesh history, and specifically in haredi RBS, was conducted today.

The report says a Canadian millionaire spent $2,000,000 on a 450 sq.m. house in RBS. This purchase was an upgrade from what he lived in previously - only 250 sq.m. worth $650,000


  1. Must be nice to be rich... And it's about 300 sq feet 91 m) smaller than my house in Cleveland which I may be buying for $110,000...

  2. AKO,

    I don't think you're doing the conversion correctly. Meters of a house are sqare meters, not linear meters (in linear dimensions, 300 ft is about 91 meters). The house is 450 square meters, which is about 4,800 square feet. Is it still smaller than your place in Cleveland?

  3. Heh. Oops. You're right. Must have been asleep at the wheel when I did that...

    So, yeah, his is a LITTLE bigger...

  4. I feel sorry for this invasion of buyer's privacy although our Regular Joe was mensch enough not to print his name, unlike NFC or the local RBS newspaper.

    (I also think he got ripped off by a few hundred thousand. Ouch.)

    The buyer must now feel like a sitting duck for the schnorrers who are sure to come in from all over the country. I hope he has money for a big fence and gate... without a buzzer.

  5. I dont think printing his name is such a big deal. It is very common in big business deals and big real estate deals that the info, including names, get publicized. i even read somewhere once that it is desired (by the parties involved) as well to have it publicized. I don't know if it is specifically for the purpose of flaunting the wealth or just they are proud of what they have accomplished or something like that...

    also, he probably had plenty of the collectors anyway and this would not make a difference...

  6. ive been in the house plenty of times, including sepding 6 days there once. It's ok... not exactly my style...

    I am certain the seller has plenty of tzedaka requests all the time, its part of sharing a last name with some of the busiest intersections in the country :-)

    Besides that, this was surprising that it was in the news. We found out about it like last week some time, and we were told it was a secret... ha, guess not!


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