Apr 13, 2008

at least he won't need a bathroom break!

Everything has a plus and a minus. I think the plus here is that he will probably not need a bathroom break, thus giving him a reasonable advantage over his competition!


  1. I quote: "The level of observance varies. An Orthodox Jew, for instance, does not work or drive on the first two and the last two days of Passover, so he or she would not run a marathon on those days.

    It's not an issue for Pesner. His liberal Reform branch generally suggests that followers hold a seder on just the first day of the holiday, though the dietary rules are observed the entire week."

    i suspect there will be spiritual issues to his running on yuntiff, so why eat matza?! eat the bread, you are machlal yuntiff anyway!

  2. he might drive to shul, but why should he eat chametz. we should be happy that eating matza on pesach is still a value even to jews who do not keep other things.

  3. There's a danger to allowing this. You see, now people think that its ok to drive on shabbos, as long as you aren't listening to the radio. or its ok to run in a marathon on yuntiff, as long as you eat matza to prepare....

    I say, lets stone him as he passes, as long as we use stones set aside for the purpose before yuntiff.

    Or how about large banners reading: "Its Pesach today, and you are running in a marathon??"

  4. whatsinaname - the dif is, chillul yomtov in most cases in only "over dirabbonans", very few dioraysos. chametz on pesach is kareis!

    as well, your attitude towards these Jews is troublesome. so what if they do other things you wouldn't. at least they hold with some things! better a little than nothing.

    why all the anger?

  5. i have a bigger problem with the ones who claim to be orthodox, but steal, lie, and cheat. or they take money and their psak halachas can be bought. or they turn chumros into halacha. those guys are much worse.


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