Apr 4, 2008

Shefa Shabbos - Shefa Shuk - flyers

These flyers have been spotted being distributed outside some branches of Shefa Shuk...calling upon consumers to not shop in Shefa Shuk thereby assisting in the destruction of the Shabbos.


  1. Boycots like this are pretty thoughtless. If it's even mildly successful the people that are really going to suffer are the store workers, who can least afford it, especially around Pesach.

  2. Such a boycott - by chareidim of chareidi stores, have a significant chance of being successful. They stand to lose tons of money, and all bc of the big boss' war against shabbos.

    You have to understand that in EY, since everything is so polarized, the stores in a community cater directly to that community and thats it. In a chareidi town - and that is where they build shefa shuks - if the chareidim dont buy there, they will lose tons of money.

    Think of a chareidi customer vs a chiloni customer. Who do you think is spending more money in a supermarket vs more money in resturants, recreation, movies, malls etc? Its a no brainer. And before pesach yet, SS probably is losing well over $1M per day in revenue from their 16 SS across the country.


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