Apr 3, 2008

new blog looks useful

I just found this new blog that looks like it can be very useful...

There are many, many Jewish songs that I like, or at least have come to tolerate, that i even hum or sing along with, but I don't really know more than the first couple of words. Usually the singer (song writer actually) picks some obscure Passuk or quote from Chazal and makes it into a song. Not knowing the words in advance, you would have to either know where it came from so you could look it up and learn the words, or you listen to the song enough and pick them up.

I have a hard time hearing the words in a song that is sung quickly with a strong beat, so I, more often than not, never pick up the words to the song and just sort of sing along and hum the parts I don't know.

So this new blog, Know the Words, has taken upon himself the job of letting us all know the words to these songs, and the background...

He already has got up some of the hard songs, like Yodu LaShem Chasdo and V'chol asher...

(HatTip to Vortlach)


  1. Rafi-

    The link probably came from a good friend of mine Ibn Mordechai @ vortlach.blogspot.com

  2. that was it. thanks. I will update the post to reflect it.


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