Apr 29, 2008

Burning Jerusalem (video)

I was in Yerushalayim last. As we were piling into the car to leave and go home, the garbage can in the building next door went up in flames... I called the fire station, and about 12 minutes later a truck finally showed up and put it out...
A neighbor walking by was pretty impressed - She said they usually don't send a truck when it is just a garbage can! (that means it happens often in this neighborhood).
My question was - what was somebody protesting??

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  1. Oh I was walking from geula to yafo and cut through mekor baruch. So I wound up by kupat cholim meuchedet on haturim and low and behold the garbage dumpster was flaming!

    It WAS 2 days before pesach, but the kupah is right across the street from a gas station!! which moron sets a dumpster on fire NEXT TO A GAS STATION!

    And to top, it was extremely windy and sparks and pieces were flying out!


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