Apr 30, 2008

do you stand by the Yom Ha'Shoah siren? (video)


  1. This was a very odd video. I understand why the photographer wanted the Hasid to walk, and even why he pretended to. But I don't understand what the point of the video was.

  2. the point is that most people think Haredim are out to provoke and walk during the siren. The truth is most stand still like everyone else, and those who dont want to really just try to get indoors out of the public eye and not be caught outdoors during the siren.
    It is the photographers who provoke people into doing things so they can take the pictures...

  3. I had a hard time understanding why the Chareidishe Yid pretended to walk! At whose expense was this act of "hessed" being perpetrated?!
    I was eyewitness to an actual occurance of this sort-- but of a far more sinister nature,...
    Several years ago, on Yom HaZikaron (even more politically explosive than Yom HaSho'ah) I was near Kikar Shabbes-- on the Geula-Mea She'arim seam-- right before the siren. Sure enough, there was the Israel TV video crew, staking themselves out a good camera angle. The siren went off, and all traffic-- pedestrian and otherwise-- came to a halt. The only ones moving were, you guessed it, the video crew, running up and down frantically searching for someone walking! They came up empty. But, not to worry; Jewish resourcefullness is still alive and well. They proceeded to wait until the siren finished,... and then, to film the crowds walking! Since I work in media, I caught the Mabat newscast that evening. There was the footage I had seen them shoot earlier in the day of Chareidim walking-- with a soundtrack of the siren playing in the background!! No further comment necessary.


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