Apr 27, 2008

The Siyata D'Shmaya of the bus breaking down

The following is an email I received from the organizer of the trip I went on in which the bus broke down... I changed nothing except for removing the names...

I hope you had as much fun as my family did on the tiyul. The sense of appreciation I got from everyone made it all worth it for me. I know I mentioned that we had a lot of siyata d’shmaya on the trip and thought you would all enjoying the tremendous bracha we had with the entire bus incident. As we were leaving Beit Shean my wife told me to watch the driver because he was (understandably) very tired. We had an experience with an Egged bus driver who was literally falling asleep on the way back from Yerushalayim so I was a bit nervous but I kept my eye on him. I myself couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and I dozed off. A few minutes later, my son woke me and said, “Look at the driver – he’s falling asleep”. Sure enough his head was bouncing every half a minute or so. I knew he wasn’t bobbing for apples because there weren’t any and it wasn’t even Halloween J. I moved up to the front seat to have a conversation with him and keep him up. We talked for a few minutes and I still saw his eyes closing a bit. My assessment was that I have to do something more to keep him up – but Hashem knew that there was no way this guy could drive a bus full of people. Then the radiator light started flashing. I thought this would be good to wake him up a bit but Hashem said “wait”. We emptied all the water in the radiator that was overheating and poured a big jerry can inside of cooler water. We started driving again and saw that the car was still overheating. That’s when he pulled over and called the car, which happened to be the two owners of the bus company, to come and help. What we found out was that it wasn’t the radiator at all but rather a belt broke. This was a belt that was changed ONE MONTH AGO! Anyone who has owned a car knows that belts are meant to last much more than a month. Fixing the radiator – if that was really the problem – would only have been a temporary solution to our sleeping problem. Now what were these two guys still doing in the area after they fixed the headlights (which was where our story began)? THEY WERE FIXING ANOTHER BUS THAT BROKE DOWN – but not a bus that you would think would have problems – they were fixing their new 2008 VOLVO BUS! They were able to change the belt with the supplies they carry around and we were on our way WITH A NEW DRIVER! And a car following from behind. I couldn’t help see the Yad Hashem in the whole event – all the little things Hashem did to make sure we got home safe! One of the owners that came to fix the car said “We never had a night like this”. Of course not – he never had such a special group on his busses at one time! Like we say three times a day “We shall thank you and relate your praise …. For Your miracles that are with us every day …” Please share this with your families and may we all merit a year full of Bitachon and Emunah that will lead to simcha in our lives until we experience the ultimate simcha of the binyan Beis HaMikdash – speedily in our days. Looking forward to the next tiyul – with Hashems help.


  1. Since Hashem usually operates with as few "outright miracles" as possible, a better example of siyata d'shmaya would have been that the driver wouldn't have been tired (it's fairly irresponsible for a bus driver to show up to work on so little sleep) or that someone would have given him a cup of coffee!

    There's always the obvious and recommended (and responsible) course of action: Pull over and take a quick nap!

    Shomer pta'im Hashem. (To paraphrase a rabbi of mine, it's always best not to be a peti in the first place!)

  2. yoni - he came to work rested. He then had a long day driving up north. He began his day at about 10am, but we only started the drive home from bet She'an at 12 am (midnight). he was, understandably, tired.

  3. Rafi-

    There's still coffee and pulling over.


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