Apr 2, 2008

The 60 second speech (video)

I am a big fan of the "2 minute speech". Anybody who has every heard me speak at an event in the past 10 years or so knows that I limit my speeches to about 2 minutes.

It seems Ehud Olmert has topped me today.

The Knesset forced a special session today, obtaining enough signatures of MKs to force Ehud Olmert to attend and respond.

Olmert, showing the Knesset what he thinks of them, spoke for 60 seconds in defense of his government, basically saying the Opposition is simply wasting his time with this wasteful session and they are working for peace.

Olmert breaks down his speech to 3 parts:
1. the government wants to and works towards coming to a solution and agreement with our neighbors. For the first time in 7 ears we are working seriously and committed to reaching an agreement with the Palestinians.
2. The government is working, in all sorts of ways, to fight against all sorts of terror.
3. socially - education, social welfare, lower the level of poverty, etc.

Then Olmert adds that the job of government Opposition all over the world is to present an alternative to the ruling government, Yet in all my years in government I have never seen a discussion as wasteful, lacking direction or objective and amorphous as this discussion today. The only point it has to to harm the Knesset and its standing.

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