Apr 2, 2008

keeping good company

The BBC conducted a poll to determine how people around the world view different countries and their level and type of influence. The US has seen some improvement in the way people perceive their level of influence.

The BBC found though that Israel is viewed the second worst country in the world as to having a negative influence in the world. The only country placing worse than Israel was Iran.

Amazing that they could find Israel to be only slightly better than a country that is threatening other countries with nuclear warfare and decimation.

That's called keeping good company.


  1. This is very sad to me because Israel has done so much good for mankind. But as we know HaShem has prophesied that the nations will come against Israel in the last days before Messiah comes and then He will rescue her and all the nations will know the L-rd.

  2. wow! we've made progress:

    check out last year's results where we were even behind iran!


  3. see - there is always room for improvement..


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