Jan 3, 2011

Blaming Shas For Katzav

For some reason Shas is being picked on now for having supported Moshe Katzav for president when he ran against Shimon Peres.

I don't know why Shas is being picked on for this. They supported him like a majority of the Knesset supported him. He was not even a Shasnik, but a Likudnik.

Supposedly there were rumors of inappropriate behavior and therefore Shas should have known. Supposedly rumor has it Aryeh Deri knew, which is supposedly why he wanted Shas to support Peres, though he won't confirm it at this point.

If during the campaigning and election period the media (that opposed Katzav) and Peres's team of people could not come up with the dirt on him, I don't know why people expect Shas to have known more than anyone else and therefore blame him..


  1. Shas complained of inappropriate behavior? How did they vote regarding the disengagement? What about Arye Deri? There are too many examples of Shas selling out Jew and Israel for money...If you want to quote a moral authority you better find one...


  2. I am not quoting Shas as a moral authority, just wondering why people are dumping this on Shas... I am no big fan of Shas, but I dont see the connection here...

  3. They are using Shas as a proxy for saying "Mizrachi". Simple racism. It could take another 63 years before we see another Mizrachi president.

  4. Shas didn't vote for the Disengagement. Such utter lies and racism. Don't let the racists and anti-Torah forces try to convince you that Shas are the Devil in disguise. I don't fully support Shas, BUT the accusations agains't them is wayyyy overblown.
    They see Shas 3ce as bad- Being Reigious, being Sefardic and being nationalistic.


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