May 7, 2013

Quote of the Day

According to the World Bank, Israel was ranked a pitiful 139th in ease of obtaining building permits, behind Algeria, Togo, the Palestinian Authority and Syria. Under Assad it takes 104 days to get a building permit. For us it’s 212. Listen, friends, if I were in your shoes, I’d consider moving my business to Damascus. Whereas the average OECD country has 12 different kinds of taxes to account for and pay each year, in Israeli the number is 33. 
only friarim would keep jumping through the hoops businesses had to jump through just to survive, and still be put in the same categories as tycoons. Small and medium businesses are not tycoons, they’re the value producers of the state of Israel. There are 700 criminal offenses in the environmental field. Why do we put this on small and medium businesses?
I see myself as the plumber who is willing to stick his hands into places other people refused to in order to clear up the blocks.

  -- Minister of Commerce Naftali bennet

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