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Jan 8, 2014

Mir Yeshiva bochur on Master Chef

more frum people on reality TV... after the Gat Brothers success on Israel's reality Hakochav Haba, Ofir Ben Shitrit on The Voice, Fishel and Malki Berkowitz on The Biggest Loser and probably others I do not remember offhand.. now we have a yeshiva bochur from the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim auditioning for a spot on the new season of cooking reality TV show Master Chef..

this guy has spunk, attitude, humor and confidence.. I like him.

Of course this raises, once again, the discussion of whether it is appropriate or not for haredim or generally frum people to participate in these shows, and especially the question of whether it is a kiddush hashem or not.

I still think the participation in these shows, on its own, does not constitute a kiddush hashem or a chilul hashem. If the contestant behaves properly, respectfully, in a way that sheds a good light on torah and religious people, then he can use that medium to make a kiddush hashem, just like he can by acting properly in any setting. And if, chalila, he should act improperly, and behave poorly, shedding a bad light on Torah and religion, then he can use that medium to create a chilul hashem.

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  1. he also davens at Bialle Shteibel occasionally. thats yichus

  2. There was a chareidi sefardi woman from elad on master chef. she won second place. Her mother is my sisters neighbor in RBS, although the family is originally from old bet shemesh. My sister told me that she was very popular on the show.

  3. the guy on the show was not acting very yeshivish

  4. I am embarrassed for the Mir Yeshiva.
    The guy used a 4 letter word (one time) and was really not acting in a way befitting of a ben torah.
    Also - the premiss of the show is antithetical to most everything that the Mir stands for.
    One can bet that Rav Nosson Tzvi Zt"l would be pained by having his yeshiva associated with this.

  5. He just proves what we all knew already - there are lots of boys "learning at the Mir"


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