Jan 13, 2014

will Sharon's final resting place become a national target for Hamas rockets from Gaza?

I heard from a number of people that the Iron Dome will be protecting the Sharon funeral today in Southern Israel. Yes, it is true and is in the news.

The added point is that plenty of people seem to think it would be fitting, because Sharon gave away Gaza, for Kassam rockets (or Grads also perhaps), to fall during the funeral. God forbid to hurt anyone - to be shot down by Iron Dome or to land in open areas, of course. The irony of Sharon having given away Gaza and now his funeral being threatened by rockets from Gaza tickled some people pink. And not just his funeral, but Sharon's grave will from now on be within range of falling Kassam rockets. It is not just an issue of some people being tickled pink , but also some are concerned that now there is a "national target" for the Hamas shooters..

Personally I hope no rockets are shot - not during the funeral and not anywhere else or at any other time. I fail to see why it is worse for them to shoot rockets at a grave site than at people living in houses in Sderot or in the towns and villages in the region. Sharon's grave being disturbed is a horrible thought, but people's lives being disturbed and threatened is, in my opinion , more of a concern.

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