Aug 28, 2014

a closer beach or a beach we deserve?

Mynet reports that the UTJ city councilmen of Jerusalem, led by Elazar Rauchberger, has submitted a request to the Regional Council of the Dead Sea region to create a "separate beach" in the northern part of the Dead Sea region for the religious public.

I completely support the idea. The religious public that wants separate swimming is a very large community and there is no reason they should not be able to enjoy the Dead Sea like anybody else can.Creating a separate beach for the religious public would not harm the public that is not interested in separate beaches - there are plenty of regular beaches spread all over the shores of the Dead Sea.

What I don't agree with is the reason given. They turned it into a manipulation attempt. they should have just asked for a separate beach for the religious community.

Rauchberger explained that the general public has many options very close to Jerusalem for relaxation and to enjoy a beach. The general public can go to the man-made beach in Jerusalem, and the many beaches all along the Dead Sea that are within a reasonable distance. The Haredi community, on the other hand, has few options available - the Haredi community has to travel very far to find a separate beach that is appropriate. The separate beach by the Dead Sea is in the southern end, which is over 100 kilometers from Jerusalem - very far. He further justifies the idea by saying bringing 200,000 new visitors will strengthen the local economy, which is a very good point and a fabulous benefit and reason to approve the idea, if just doing it for such a large public isn't enough of a reason..

The reason I dont like his reason is because Tel Aviv is closer than the Dead Sea, and there is a separate beach there, along with others up and down the Mediterranean coast. If it is simply a matter of proximity, don't complain, just go to Tel Aviv. On the other hand, as a public communal issue, they have a justified request.

I guess it does not really matter, at the end of the day. Even the given reason, even though I think it is not as good a reason as what they should have said, is a fine reason. It is just the thought process that I am commenting on.

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  1. Most of the Haridim in Jerusalem do not go to the beach in Tel Aviv because although it is separate, in order to get to the Beach you must walk by the other beaches where bikini clad women are plentiful. So TLV is not really the answer over here.


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