Aug 27, 2014

Muslim extremists are afraid, not courageous

Muslim terrorists and extremists are really a bunch of cowards.

Look at all the images of Muslims radicals and extremists around the world involved in murders, executions, terror, and the business of death - whether Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda or any others. They are almost always acting with their faces covered with ski masks. They do not want to be identified. They are afraid of being identified and caught. They operate under the cloak of anonymity.

Hamas keeps claiming Mohammed Deif is alive - Israel missed him in the airstrike last week. they say he is alive and well. Now they are also saying that Deif himself instructed Hamas to accept the latest truce.

Maybe he is alive and well. I have no idea. Maybe Israel did miss Deif. But if he is alive, as they claim, why not show him to the public? Show the world that Israel missed and failed in a mission? What are they afraid of? They can even just show a current picture of him if they don't want to bring him out into the sunlight.

They try to make themselves look so bold and courageous - beheadings, on-camera terror, missiles, knifings, - but they do so while hiding in public out of fear of being identified. That's not courage, not leadership, not heroism. That is cowardliness. That is fear.

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1 comment:

  1. Just to play devil's advocate here, if hiding their faces makes it less likely that they'll be caught that's just sensible


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