Aug 20, 2014

kashrut warning regarding fish salami

fish salami.

sounds gross to me.

Koshrot, a kashrut education organization, is warning the public about a new product on the market. Fish Salami. Fish pastrami, actually.

The warning is not that the fish salami is not kosher, but that it seems common to mix salamis and deli meats in a sandwich, and one should be careful not to mix this fish salami with other meaty salamis and deli meats. As well, Sefardim should be careful not to eat this fish salami with dairy, as is their custom.

A unique feature of the fish salami is that it is produced in a different shape, a triangular shape, so it will be easily identifiable.

The new fish salami is produced by Maadanei Miki and bears kashrut certification from Rav Rubin.
source: INN

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  1. Cute - just like the bourekas that you can't eat with meat (because they are milchig) are triangular, so the salami that you can't eat with meat (because it is fishy) are triangular. I agree that it doesn't sound appetizing.

  2. if its not sushi, it doesnt count.

  3. Sounds very unappetizing and another stupidity to confuse those who are not so observant but try to eat kosher, and will not understand this & just get more confused. Why does the Jewish world have to jump on the band wagon and try all new mishagasin to keep up with other peoples?

  4. I saw this in the supermarket this morning. it doesnt look (to me) any more appealing than it originally sounded...


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